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Waterproof Pet Pad

Waterproof Pet Pad

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Introducing our Waterproof Dog Pad: the sustainable solution for your beloved pup's comfort and your peace of mind. Designed with 3 layers- a waterproof bottom layer, an absorbent padded inner layer and a beautiful cotton top layer. Our waterproof pad is here to make puppy training and senior dog care more manageable.

*Machine wash (no fabric softener), air dry. For stubborn odors, wash occasionally in blue dish detergent.

Why choose our Waterproof Dog Pad? Here's why:

  1. Waterproof: Accidents happen, especially during those early days of puppy training, as well as the later incontinent years. Our pad is crafted with waterproof materials, helping accidents stay contained, keeping your floors and their crate dry.

  2. Washable & Reusable: We understand the importance of convenience and sustainability. Our pad is not only washable but also reusable, making it a long-term investment in your dog's comfort and your environmental footprint. Layers are sewn together so no bunching or separating in the wash.

  3. For Puppy Training & Dog Incontinence: Whether you're housebreaking a new puppy or caring for a senior dog with incontinence issues, our pad provides reliable protection and comfort for your pet.

  4. Crate Liner: Multiple sizes to fit standard crates, our pad serves as an excellent liner, offering an extra layer of comfort and protection for your pet's crate.

  5. Sustainable Investment: Investing in quality products that are both durable and eco-friendly is important. Our pad is crafted with sustainability in mind, so you can feel good about your purchase. 

Say goodbye to disposable pee pads that end up in landfills and hello to a sustainable solution that cares for your pet and the planet. Our Waterproof Dog Pad is more than just a product; it's a commitment to the well-being of your furry family member.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Works perfect!!!

Money saver!

I've spent so much money on pee pads and the fact that these can be washed and reused saves me so much. They have not leaked at all and are a soft yet durable fabric that is comfortable and does the job!

Amanda Crump

As a pet groomer, we have multiple accidents on any given day and these pads work wonders! They absorb wonderfully and wash well! This product is a must have for all pet owners! Highly recommended!!❤️🐶

Wendy Hall
Reusable is the way to go!

I am so happy with this beautiful waterproof pad, We can wash, dry and reuse and it still looks great. Absorbs all that we need it to and it is just so pretty!

Heather Bean
Super convenient

This pet pad fits conveniently in the pet crate. When accidents happen super easy and convenient to just toss in the wash. I also use it on my puppy’s cot bed when she goes to work with me. Makes it easy to clean up any mess she makes.