Collection: Wendy&Co Beanies

Teens and adults both love the stylish look of our beanies, and many parents tell us that our beanies are so soft, lightweight and comfortable that their kids don't even realize they are wearing them...our toddler size is our best seller!

We designed Wendy&Co beanies to have a very loose fit and to comfortably slide over the ears. 

They are adjustable- with as little or as much slouch as you'd like. They can be "extended" to have lots of swag in the back, or rolled up tight to fit like traditional toboggan. 

~All sizes available in each fabric~

Infant (with top knot)- fits up to 14" head circumference

Baby- fits up to 16" head circumference

Toddler- fits up to 18" head circumference

Child- fits up to 19" head circumference

Adult- fits up to 23" head circumference