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Welcome to our…life! We are Wendy And Company (Wendy And Co), and here is our story.

The Hall family with their dog Tilly, posing casually outdoors.

Wendy & Co Story 💜

We founded Wendy And Company in 2015 to educate our daughters Charis & Emi (then ages 9 and 6) in the art of entrepreneurship. We wanted to teach them things like--hard work, product design, organization, business, and so much more.

We began by creating small batch and one-of-a-kind fabric bibs for babies, mostly selling to friends and family. Our quality and design gained recognition and grew with each creation. We were delighted! And we soon added other baby goodies like burp cloths, paci clips, reusable washing cloths and teethers. After sharing our handiwork at a few local festivals, many Dog Moms expressed an interest for similar “dog accessories”. (They literally tried to put our baby bibs on their pups!)  The girls and I excitedly researched and developed a collar and a bandana that slides-over-the-collar. Wildly popular with fur baby parents, we found that we needed a streamlined ordering process for our pet accessories. So, once again, back to the drawing board. After a year of investigating, studying, exploring, seeking, teaching and learning for the girls and me, THIS website--www.wendyandco.co--is the result!  We hope you love it!

More About Us 🧔👩👧👸 

We (Mr. & Mrs. Wendy&Co) have been happily married for 34 years, and have 4 daughters, ages 13, 15, 27 and 35, 2 sons-in-law, and 4 grandchildren. Our family dynamic is unusual- our younger daughters are around the same age as our grandchildren. So our house is always full of children, their voices loud with squeals of delight and squawks of squabbles! 


 The entire Hall family in a casual setting outdoors.

The Blog 📝

We hope to share our journey through a monthly blog and would be grateful if you would join us! We are a diverse family with many interests that blog will reflect. We plan to concentrate on small family business life, but also cover things like farm life, homeschooling, etc. Our 13 year old has Crohn’s Disease (a form of IBD) which we are successfully (at the moment) and prayerfully (always) treating with a special diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Cooking and researching recipes consumes much of our time, and we plan to share about that too.

Wendy and the girls posing casually outdoors.


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