A Girl's Dream Comes True!🐶

A Girl's Dream Comes True!🐶

Our twelve-year-old Emi has been dreaming of her own “baby” forever…you know…a cuddly, loyal, little lap dog- a baby. And this Christmas her dream came true! 

Emi is the youngest of our four daughters.  Being the baby of the family, she didn’t have the experience of caring for a younger sibling. An experience her warm personality craved.

Emi began saving every cent she made from our business to meet her goal. She researched breeds online, read books and asked many of YOU a thousand questions to find just the right breed for her. She settled on a boy Shih Tzu, and even picked his name out- Toby. All the while stockpiling her cash!

Several months later Emi had put away enough money for us to realize how serious she was about getting a Shih Tzu. We believed that being a “dog mama” would be so good for Emi. It was time for us to step in and fast track the puppy plan! My husband and I began looking for a breeder…in secret!

Several paths led us to a locally trusted breeder, and I picked out Emi’s little baby when he was only 2 weeks old…just from a photo! Our excitement began to build as we were bursting to reveal the surprise! We didn’t dare tell anyone in our family for fear Emi would find out! We wanted him to be a complete surprise- and he was! 

Toby became one of our family that memorable day in November. We all adore him! We brag about how smart he is- already learning to ring the bell to go potty, playing fetch and learning to sit. We fight over who gets to cuddle him when he is sleepy and we help to take him for potty breaks.


But make no mistake- He is Emi’s boy, and she is his mamma. I have seen significant emotional growth as she puts Toby’s wellbeing before her own wants. She is a good mama.

Having a pet is a great responsibility, and an even greater gift.



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