BOGO Christmas Charity Giveback!

BOGO Christmas Charity Giveback!

We have wanted to organize our own Giveback Program since we started our little business in 2015.

Through the years we have given to charities, donated beanies to cancer patients, (They tell us a bald head gets cold at night, and our beanies kept their heads warm.) given to underprivileged children and sponsored Angel Tree Children. We have also partnered with Miracle Moms- they provide Care Packages for parents who's babies have been admitted to NICU.

But this year we want to have a more "on purpose" giveback program that include specific charities that share our same core values. This is what we came up with!

This season we are delighted to be launching our BOGO Christmas Charity Giveback!

Buy One GIVE One that is.

November 20th - 30th as part of our Black Friday Event, we will be donating one of our handmade baby & pet items for every baby or pet purchase! Woo-hoo! 

Honestly, I personally can be a bit of a humbug at Christmas. But this year I have all the Christmas feels! "Tis the season for caring", that's my personal 2020 Christmas motto! We are seeking ways to show we care, with our family, neighbors, and those beyond our circle.

As a family, we have made many wonderful memories this year, and some scary and sad ones too. I am SO looking forward to taking the girls to the charities we have selected and sharing the fabric goods YOU have donated, ending 2020 with memories of giving, of compassion and caring.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! And don't forget to join us November 20-30th for our Buy One GIVE One Christmas Charity Giveback! 

~❤ Wendy

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