Some Bunny Loves You

Some Bunny Loves You

As you may (or may not) know, we started Wendy&Co way back in 2015 to educate our girls Charis and Emi in the art of entrepreneurship. If you are unfamiliar with our story, you can catch up here.

Last year we stepped up the girl's small business education with what we have dubbed as our Junior Entrepreneur Venture. I will admit it is a tremendous amount of work to teach small business to our girls...but it has become a rewarding experience.
Their first project was fabric wrapped Christmas ornaments. You can read about it here.








Now that spring has come, the girls are ready to release their Junior Entrepreneur Easter creations- “Some Bunny”. Just look at these endearing little hare!

These simple yet loveable bunnies are one-of-a-kind, each made with their own quirky personality. 

As part of our Junior Entrepreneur experience, the girls (Charis & Emi, ages 14 & 11) make every single aspect of these rabbits themselves. 

A little background had to be laid before they could make such cuteness!

First I taught them lessons about cost of goods. Then we went through listing the steps of manufacturing the rabbits. (They said I was torturing them at this point!) We dipped our toes into marketing and finally what they both had been waiting for- PROFIT margins! Their favorite part!

After all that paperwork they were ready to actually start creating.

The girls invested their own money in supplies such as fabric and trim. Then spent time making prototypes, so they could select just the right size bunnies to make.

Finally they divided the bunny production into jobs.

  1. Charis cuts out the bunnies
  2. Emi sews them together
  3. Charis fills them with stuffing
  4. Emi adds the trim
  5. Charis attaches their sale tag

Voila! Charming handmade bunnies great for Easter baskets, mantle decoration, tabletop centerpieces, or just plain snuggling.

Thank you for your support in our family's entrepreneurial journey!

You get your very own Junior Entrepreneur "Some Bunny" by clicking below, and see the rest of our Easter collection as well.



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You guys are amazing


The talent and dedication that this family shows is just a blessing.. thank you all for your wonderful products.

Katrina Laxton

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