Wendy And Co--The Beginning

Wendy And Co--The Beginning

It began with a book...

Raymond and Dorothy Moore's Minding Your Own Business to be specific. Homeschool pioneers of the ‘70s-‘80s, the Moore's taught the philosophy of balancing service (doing for others because we care), work (productivity, dedication, focus), and study (academic & technical skills). This aligned with our own Biblical family philosophy and promised a well-rounded education for our girls. 

We had the study part of this terrific educating trio down pat-especially since we had educated and graduated our oldest two daughters (then ages 22 and 28). But how should we complete the work and service aspect for our girls still at home (then ages 6 and 8)? 

A family business of course!  But what kind?

We tossed around a few ideas- baking (no commercial kitchen), babysitting (the girls were too young), mowing yards (no), dog sitting (maybe?), selling garden produce (no green thumb). In the background of all this homeschooling, I had been sewing for friends for years, altering prom and wedding dresses, making curtains and pillows, recovering cushions, making crib sets, even designing and sewing our own clothing. I happily taught sewing classes to bring in a little extra cash. Could this "sewing thing" be the answer to our family business?

two beautiful girls posing in front of a Wendy And Co Tee Pee
We took the plunge and gave it a try!  First came a few trial and error items--kid tents and tee-pees.  They were pretty! But costly and bulky to handle. 
Then we made Poofs! (Which is a big poofy cushion for sitting and playing.) Here is Emi, posing in one of our Poof photos.
None of these projects seemed just right for us. All the items we thought of making were either too much work for me and didn't involve the girls enough or too simple to qualify as a good product. What to do?

Enter grandson Truett. Shelby, our 22-year-old and her husband were expecting her first baby- a boy! She had a trendy hipster style but couldn't find things for baby that fit her flair. "Mom will you make this for me?", resulted in an adorable list of baby items, and one of the most delightful bandana bibs we had ever seen!


Ding! Ding! Ding! We had a winner! That bib sparked JOY!

In true entrepreneurial spirit, we developed our own pattern for a reversible bandana bib for babies. The girls loved helping create these little beauties. It was the perfect direction to launch our family business-- Wendy And Company.

Fast forward from 2015 and we are making those same baby bibs as well as pet accessories and home goods!

We have learned a LOT about business and even more about each other. My husband and I often remind ourselves, “Relationships are the most important thing.” And the time we have invested in our family and in those relationships, as well as our own personal relationships with Jesus, has been time well spent. 

 Us. In the Beginning.


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My brother and his beautiful, loving family! I’m proud of Wendy and the girls! God bless you and keep sewing!! ❤️ Love you guys, Aunt Deb

Debra Wilson

Can’t wait to read more!

Sandy Lee

My beautiful sister and nieces making amazing treasures for your little ones and your fur babies. Awesome website too!!!

Dawn Blackwood

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