Little boy looking at ocean with seashell bag and shovel.

Seashell Bags...a Labor of Love

The Wendy&Co Seashell Bag was a product we developed out of necessity. 

Our family loves walking the beach combing for seashells. We used the kid's sand buckets to collect our shells...and you know all the problems that come with that scenario. Sand mixed in with the shells makes the bucket very heavy to carry. Back at the beach house, said shells sit in the bucket, sometimes there were ocean creatures in those shells...they pass away...which is unfortunate...and they smell quite bad. Inevitably another kid needs the bucket for building sandcastles so he dumps the shells on the ground. They get broken or lost and the precious beautiful shells that were found, end up as beach house gravel. So sad.

We needed a new way to collect and save shells.

Enter the Wendy&Co seashell bag! 

Boy standing on a sandy North Carolina beach.

Here are the thoughts behind our design.

  • Cross-body fit so they don't droop, drop and slide off the shoulder when bending down to pick up your aquatic finds. 
  • Straps are all 44 inches- so adults and kids alike can use the same bag.
  • Simply knot the strap to adjust the length.
  • Mesh bottom so sand can be washed from shells right in the bag.
  • Top of the bag made with fun fabrics!
Two girls on sandy beach with light house in the background.

Our shell hunting looks a bit different these days. We each throw our seashell bag across our torso and collect the most beautiful shells. Back at our beach house we rinse the shells right through the mesh bottom of the bag, then hang the whole thing to dry, shells and all. When it's time to go home, we transport the shells, still in our seashell bag. Each family member has their own bag, so no more mixed up shells.

This is a trip winter beach trip we took several years ago. See my mom wearing her seashell bag each his own. 🤷🏻‍♀️

grandmother, daughter and grand daughters combing the sea shore for shells.

We have customers that give our seashell bags as gifts too! The great thing is they work for make or female and any age group from toddler to senior adult.

Boy standing in the surf with sea shell bag looking for shells.

Sometimes I get fabric requests specific to a person's interests.

For instance my mom LOVES patriotic everything! So I made a bag with red white and blue fabrics.


I have Kawaii Avengers fabric for our many superhero supporters.

We have Sea Turtles, fishies, surfboards and other oceanic themed bags.

Tie-dye pet paws are for my fur-baby mamas! 

And a personal favorite of mine, this geometric print with navy, coral and mint.

 Girl on shores edge standing petrified tree roots.

Our bags are multipurpose- they double as a small beach bag. Nighttime crab hunting us a tradition in our family. Our seashell bags are perfect for carrying flip flops and an extra flashlight. 

We have used our seashell bags for years and still love them. We hope you love them just as much! 


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